STICLab is in great sadness!

STICLab family, we are announcing with great sadness the loss of our beloved Co-Founder,
who passed away on 21st March 2019.
We are requesting your kind thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.


The Innovation Icon

Mwalembe was a driving lead into starting STICLab, with his passion and true devotion towards sustainable innovation in Tanzania that responds to the community problems.

* June 2015: Co-Founded STICLab
* June 2015 - Feb 2019: Chief Executive Officer
* Feb 2019 : Director of Innovation and Technology Development

He played a great and a leading role into a number of innovations in the STICLab and the Country as a whole, touching a number of sectors and disciplines, such as: Water sector, Electronics and Automation, Agriculture, IoT, Education and Animation.

He has been the most amazing and inspiring partner, an icon and role model, a teacher and a best friend, a mentor and advisor... he has been a father to us!!

He has mentored and groomed a number of Innovators, makers, scientists, Engineers, technicians and many more. Never been tired sharing his unique knowledge and ideas to the society... Foverever, he will be remembered and trully missed!!

We all pray for his Eternal Rest and Everlasting Peace!!


* Funeral Ceremony was carried out at his residence, Suleiman Street, Kitunda - Nyantila, Dar es salaam, Tanzania

* Our beloved was placed at his final resting place on Sunday, 24th of March 2019 at Kitunda - Mwanagati Dar es salaam

* For more Information, Please call Mwalembe Family Spokesman: Mr. Martin Mkisi (Tel:+255 754 574 710)
Or STICLab Represantative Eng. Sanga, Valerian (Tel:+255 764 086 540)

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