We live in a world that more than ever depends on technology to support communications and increase productivity and where this technology is constantly developing, creating ever higher expectations from users. At STICLab, we believe it’s our job to fully support our clients in exploiting these technologies as they develop.

Thus, with the state of art technology that is engulfed within STICLab, through its competent and devoted team of Technicians, Scientists and Engineers, we are ready to provide the best services ever and high quality products being proudly locally made. As the private owned entity, STICLab offers a number of services to different levels of customers, from Animation, Product Design, Prototyping and Production, Firmware Programming, Software Development, Industrial Automation and Robotics, Agriculture Systems Design and Agriculture Systems Automation.

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STICLab offers a number of services including:

Agriculture Systems Design and Automation.
Aquaculture Solutions
Automation and Robotics,
Customised systems develoment
Electrical and Electronic expertise
Firmware Programming
ICT and Telecoms
Product Design
Prototyping and Production
Security and Tracking Systems
Software Development
Systems maintenance and repair
Technical Consultancy