This is a 3D Printed Low Cost Microscope dedicated to support practical learning in all levels of education accross Tanzania and Africa as a whole.

With the state of the art design considerations, the Microscope has been designed based on the Openflexure design by Dr. Richard Bowman (University of Bath, WaterScope).



A uniquely designed solution for water projects, facilities and infrastructure management and monitoring.

Powered by Strong Web Platform, into which clients can monitor and filter periodic reports using any internet enabled Devices including phones, laptops and tablets.

Even where internet is not available, system offers daily reports to subscribed suppliers via sms.

MAJIPesa Webportal


twiga3D Printers

A locally made 3D printer, out of electronic waste and local materials, designed with passion, it is an ideal tool for digital manufacturing, rapid prototyping and manufacturing.


sticCNC Machines

A Computer Numeric Controlled Machine, tailored to perform engraving and cutting on different materials such as wood, copper clads for PCB making, aluminium, acrylic etc.

The design utilizes local availabe materials and resources including electronic wastes.



A uniquely designed solution with the state of the art engineering & technology (Hardware and Software - Mobile App & Web Platform) for monitoring and tracking assets, vehicles, motorbikes and pets.

TRACKFasta Webportal