Engineering & Technical Consultancy

We provide an unrivalled combination of scientific, technical and engineering consultancy.

Our team of experts is wealth of experience in their fields and extensive knowledge, ready to help you realize your idea through innovative strategic assistance and support.


Research & Development - RnD

STICLab is equiped with a talented and experinced team, ready to provide the utmost Researches and Development tasks through ulitizing the cutting edge methodologies and techniques.


Animation & Game Design

Animation and Game Design is one of the disciplines that our team is well cattered to offer, using the state of the art technologies, tools and softwares.


Agriculture & Aquaculture

We deliver technologies, designs, fabricate and install automated systems that fosters both Agricultural and Aquaculture activities.


Custom Systems Design & Development

STICLab can provide teams and managers to handle the entire development lifecycle for a system.

We employ agile development methodologies that include requirements definition, functional design, internal design, coding, unit testing, systems testing, implementation and sustainment.

Sophisticated management techniques, comprehensive quality programs, and the use of highly skilled technical professionals, enable STICLab to deliver on time, world class solutions.


Systems Maintance & Repair

Our companies offer regularly scheduled preventative and predictive maintenance service to assure you of the long life of your equipment. Quality service with immediate response from caring professionals brings you ease and comfort.

We provide immediate response with highly qualified technicians for a wide variety of preventive and scheduled maintenance staffing requirements.


ICT & Telecoms

We live in a world that more than ever depends on technology to support communications and increase productivity and where this technology is constantly developing, creating ever higher expectations from users.

At STICLab, we believe it’s our job to fully support our clients in exploiting these technologies as they develop, hence we are keen into providing the state of the art ICT and Telecoms solutions that meets the expectations of our dear most clients.


Electrical & Electronics Services

STICLab proffesional team is ready and keen into offering the best services in Electrical and Electronics, from ideation to implementation.


Robotics & Industrial Automation

We are a full-line service provider of consulting, design, development, implementation and subsequent service of robotic and Industrial Automation facilities.

We are the solution to your needs, lets automate your dreams!


Professional Trainings

STICLab Professional Training Services offers a cutting edge Scientific, Engineering and Technical skills, that meet the customers expectations with no compromise.